7th Grade


After I first arrived in 7th grade in August, I expected hard classes. But I soon realized that the classes were a little easier than I thought, but still hard.

By October, everything was settling down more. Eventually I figured out that there was more homework than I thought. In fact , there was loads of homework. I had to stay up at 12:00 a.m. to get my homework done. This year I did and I didn’t get a handle on my homework.

In seventh grade, I learned how to conjugate words, make sentences, and learn to say how someone is in Spanish. I have also learned to manage time. This year has been kinda great. This year has taught me a lot of things.

First Friend

Although I couldn’t remember his name, we had a lot of fun in Ohio. WE would hang out with older kids on our coldesac. WE all spend time outside or playing gamecube or playstation in our garage. We used to go where ever the big kids went. It was so much fun, I wonder what he is doing now.

Childhood Toy

When I was little, I just couldn’t do without my teenage mutant ninja turtle toy. It was the coolest toy. My babysitter used to come over and just watch me play with my toy. It had ninja weapons and everything.

While I played with it I felt like a ninja. That’s why I loved to play with my teenage mutant ninja turtle. I miss it sometimes, it was a cool toy.

Favorite Quote

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” -Wayne Grezgy

This quote shows me that it’s better to fail aggressively in the game than failing looking scared in the game. Football and Baseball is about being aggressive.



Chipoltle. I get three tacos, two chicken one pork. After I get them I eat them savorly, and it’s really chill and everything is looks cool.

One reason I love Chipotle is the buffet. You can get a burrito, tacos, bowls, salads, and chips. And there is so many different choices of meats, beans, and toppings. When I order a burrito, I can get either rice, beans and chicken or a different meat.  I can top it with corn, guacamole, tomatoes, sour cream, or cheese. The  choices are just only one of the reasons chipotle is my favorite place to eat.

And the buffet-guys are really cool!  They are nice.  They don’t get mad when you take time on your order.  If I wanted some different beans, they would say “no problem” with a smile. They make you wanna come back again. Chipotle is my view of an awesome restraunt.

Why Being Sick Is No Fun

Ugh–I hate the constant blowing your nose, tissues all over the place, in the trash can beside you, with a trash can on your bedside, with the shows no one’s ever heard of, because everyone’s at work or school. Except for Dora The Explorer… that show’s chill.This is why being sick is no fun.

The worst is when you get sent to school too early, regardless of whether you are sick or not.  You feel drowsy the whole day, And when my dad gets home he says, “Well, you don’t look sick.”  Meanwhile you cough into your elbow.  “Oh, that’s a fake cough!”


Vivid Image

My stomach was aching, I could feel the couch. I was so annoyed, it was so close, so close to winning I could taste it. I could hear the scream of enjoyment of the other person even though I was hundreds of miles away. Two, two points away. I accepted that I lost the fantasy football game.

Preposition Poem

As I wait to see the running back, plus looking for linemen coming at me.
Beyond the line of scrimmage, I see the running back, beyond the line of scrimmage.
As he runs through the hole, I rush towards him.
When I get to him, he tries to juke, but we stay with him.
Players on the opposite team try to block us.
Across the field comes a linemen, and he blocks us.
But Tripp and I break free and make the tackle

TCU football

My dad and I love football. My dad also went to TCU for college. So whenever we have time we go to a TCU football game. It’s really fun because my dad’s friends from college are there and I get to meet all of them. 2 years ago we got to go to the Rose bowl.